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Ashland is renowned for its wonderful restaurants. From cozy cafes to 4-star gourmet dining and breweries – Ashland has it all! Below is a list of some local restaurants. We are delighted to assist you with reservations for any area restaurant. Note: Some restaurants are closed on Sunday and/or Monday nights.


5 Granite St., Ashland
(541) 488-1770


35 S. Second St., Ashland
(541) 488-1115


15 N. First St., Ashland
(541) 488-9000

Beasy's on the Creek

51 Water St., Top Floor, Ashland
(541) 488-5009

Black Sheep

51 N. Main St., Ashland
(541) 482-6414

Caldera Brewery

590 Clover Ln., Ashland
(541) 482-4677


7100 Old Hwy. 99 S., Ashland
(541) 482-1299


542 A St., Ashland
(541) 488-0521

Cucina Biazzi

568 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 488-3739

Harvey's Place

50 East Main St., Ashland
(541) 488-9511

Jacksonville Inn

75 E. California St., Jacksonville
(541) 899-1900


96 N. Main St., Ashland
(541) 488-8058


212 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 488-5558

Liquid Assets

96 N. Main St., St., Ashland
(541) 482-9463

Loft Brasserie & Bar

18 Calle Guanajato Way, Ashland
(541) 482-1116


58 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 488-3359

New Sammy's

2210 S Pacific Hwy., Talent
(541) 535-2779


1380 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland
(541) 482-1281


272 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 552-1630

Peerless Restaurant

265 Fourth St., Ashland
(541) 488-6067

Pie & Vine

358 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 488-5493


147 N. Front St., Medford
(541) 857-1910

Sesame Asian Kitchen

21 Winburn Way, Ashland
(541) 482-0119


36 S. Second St., Ashland
(541) 482-0119

Standing Stone Brewery

101 Oak St., Ashland
(541) 482-2448

Thai Pepper

84 N. Main St., Ashland
(541) 482-8058


Southern Oregon Rogue Vineyard Wine Grapes
Southern Oregon Vineyards are fast becoming some of the finest wine-producers in the country. Many of the wineries are located in mountain and valley settings, as well as along the Rogue River. Explore the wineries and enjoy Southern Oregon wine tasting at its finest!

2Hawk Winery

2335 N. Phoenix Rd, Phoenix
(541) 799-9463

Aurora Vines

2275 Pioneer Rd, Talent
(541) 535-5287

Bacchus Winery Tours

(541) 414-5274

Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden

1665 Eastside Rd., Jacksonville
(541) 899-6876

Dana Campbell Vineyards

1320 N. Mountain Ave., Ashland
(541) 482-3798

DeVitt Winery

11412 Hwy. 238, Jacksonville
(541) 899-7511

Fiasco Winery

8035 Hwy. 238, Jacksonville
(541) 899-3022

Grizzly Peak Winery

1600 E Nevada St., Ashland
(541) 482-5700

John Michael Champagne Cellars

1425 Hamburg Creek Rd., Jacksonville
(541) 846-0810

Longsword Vineyard

8555 Hwy. 238, Jacksonville
(541) 899-1746

Paschal Winery & Vineyard

1122 Suncrest Rd, Talent
(541) 535-7957

Pebblestone Cellars

1642 Camp Baker Rd., Medford
(541) 512-1655

Red Lily Vineyard

11777 Hwy. 238, Applegate
(541) 846-0601

RoxyAnn Winery

3285 Hillcrest Rd., Medford
(541) 776-2315

Schmidt Family Vineyards

330 Kubli Rd., Grants Pass
(541) 846-9985

Slagle Creek Vineyards

1639 Slagle Creek Rd., Grants Pass
(541) 846-6176

Soloro Vineyards

9110 N. Applegate Rd., Grants Pass
(541) 862-2693

Stone River Vineyard

2178 Pioneer Rd., Talent
(541) 864-9234

Troon Vineyard

1475 Kubli Rd., Grants Pass
(541) 846-9900

Valley View Winery

1000 Applegate Rd., Jacksonville
(541) 899-8468

Weisinger’s of Ashland

3150 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland
(541) 488-5989

Wooldridge Creek Winery

818 Slagle Creek Rd., Grants Pass
(541) 846-6364


Ashland’s thriving artist community welcomes you with art galleries, shops and museums offering a remarkably diverse range of fine arts and crafts. You can find representational as well as contemporary paintings and fine art prints, sculpture, hand-blown glass, Native American, pottery and ceramics, jewelry and fine hand-crafted furniture. All within walking distance, galleries and museums can be found from the Historic Railroad District to Southern Oregon University’s campus.  Most are of the galleries are within the heart of the city, a pleasant walking distance from the McCall House. Throughout the summer, take advantage of Ashland's First Friday events, a collage of image and experience that grows as you stroll the galleries in the Historical Downtown and Railroad Districts from 5 to 8 PM.

Art and Soul Gallery

247 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 488-9006

Ashland Art Center

357 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 482-2772

Ashland Art Works

291 Oak St., Ashland
(541) 488-4735

Backroads Studio

161 Fourth St., Ashland
(541) 482-3672

Concetti Fine Arts

40 N. Main St., Ashland
(541) 601-0963

Davis and Cline Gallery,

525 A St., Ashland
(541) 482-2069

Ettienne Studio

143 N. Third St., Ashland
(831) 325-7600

Gallery DeForest

1067 Emigrant Creek Rd., Ashland
(541) 690-6976

Gallery Karon

500 A St., Ashland
(541) 482-9008

Gathering Glass Studio

322 N. Pioneer St., Ashland
(541) 488-4738

Hanson Howard Gallery

89 Oak St., Ashland
(541) 488-2562

Hilltop Gallery

859-B Mountain Meadows Dr, Ashland
(541) 708-5141

Houston’s Custom Framing & Fine Art

270 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 482-1983

JEGA Gallery and Sculpture Gardens

625 A St., Ashland
(541) 488-2474


25 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 482-3621

Schneider Museum of Art

1250 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland
(541) 552-6245

Studio A.B.

621 A St., Ashland
(541) 552-6245

The Photographer’s Gallery

357 E. Main St., Ashland
(541) 482-2772

Thomas Lee Gallery

20 S. First St., Ashland
(541) 482-1135


Lithia Park by John Kirk

Lithia Park

Beautiful Lithia Park is located in the heart of Ashland. It consists of 93 acres along Ashland Creek. The park has two large greens, a bandshell for public musical performances, two duck ponds, a large playground, tennis courts, community buildings and, in winter, an ice skating rink. It also offers numerous picnic tables and miles of hiking trails. The Chamber of Commerce offers nature walks Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:00am. Just go to the entrance of the park at the Plaza and you will meet your guide. For more information about Lithia Park, click here. The McCall House has copies of the City of Ashland Bike maps


Ashland is a hidden bicycle riding “Mecca”. There are many mountain bike trails for the beginner to the expert downhill rider. Most of the same hiking trails are open to mountain biking as well, with the exception of the Pacific Crest Trail. As the Ashland Watershed provides a great deal of both single track and fire road trails, there are many different events to take part in. The Spring Thaw is one of Oregon’s largest mountain bike events that takes place every May here in Ashland. In addition, the Ashland Mountain Challenge, a 12 Mile Super Downhill race is Oregon’s longest downhill mountain bike race attracting mountain bikers, professionals and beginners alike from around western region, each June. There is a large selection of bike shops for new and used bikes, rentals and supplies.  


With perfect weather full of sunshine throughout the year, the Rogue Valley is known for its golf courses. Enjoy a morning outing or create a destination golf vacation. There are many different golf tournaments to participate in throughout the year.  Here are ten golf courses within easy “driving distance” of Ashland:

  • Eagle Point Golf Course
  • Running Y:
  • Centennial Golf Course:
  • Rogue Valley Country Club:
  • Stoneridge Golf Course:
  • Oak Knoll Golf Course:
  • Laurel Hills Golf Course:
  • Bear Creek Golf Course:
  • Stewart Meadows:
  • Quail Point Golf Course


Ashland is a place of unique beauty surrounded by hills of green and nestled at the base of the Ashland Watershed within the picturesque Siskiyou Mountains. The U.S. Forest Service, the City of Ashland and community members have a long commitment to high quality water while providing unique recreational opportunities in the forest surrounding Ashland. Today the watershed boasts a trail system of 50 miles that extends from the paved streets of Ashland to the alpine scenery at Mt. Ashland. Trails in and around Ashland include:

Lithia Loop Trail Grizzly Peak Trail Looking Glass Loop White Rabbit Trail The Pacific Crest Trail

Hiking maps are available at the McCall House.

Winter Sports

At the convergence of the Siskiyou and Cascade Mountain Ranges, Mt. Ashland sits at 7600 feet welcoming local and regional skiers and boarders with a warm friendly atmosphere providing views of both the Rogue Valley and Shasta Valley in California. Mt. Ashland Ski Area provides a snow sports school for snowboarding and skiing instruction for all ages. Welcoming families and kids for the past 45 years, Mt. Ashland offers two snowboard parks, chute skiing and riding in the Bowl, an average of 300” of snow annually, 4 chairlifts, 23 trails, 200 skiable acres and 1200’ vertical.

Many of the same trails that offer incredible hiking and biking opportunities from late spring through the fall months also provide a winter wonderland of opportunities for you to explore in the pristine quiet of the backcountry. If you are venturing out on an snow adventure, visit one of the local outfitters to get started with the right equipment. The Southern Oregon Nordic Club is a great way to get involved in exploring the many trails and mountains. US Forest Service’s Ranger District office provides permits and maps. Mt. Ashland also sells sno-park permits that are required by state law from November through April. Day passes and season long passes are available.


January to the end of March

Visit in the winter and enjoy skiing at Mt. Ashland Ski area. Many of the same trails that offer incredible hiking and biking opportunities from late spring through the fall months also provide a winter opportunities for you to explore in the pristine quiet of the backcountry. For more information, visit

February – November

Experience the world-renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival from March through November.  Evening, matinee, the Green Show and the backstage tour make for a truly memorable theater experience.  For more information, visit


The 12th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival will be held in March.  The festival features Oregon chocolatiers and specialty food vendors and includes presentations, workshops, Chocolate Makers Dinner and more. For more information, visit

The Oregon Cheese Festival takes place during the 3rd weekend in March at the Rogue Creamery in Central Point. Several culinary events take place, including a farmer’s market-style artisan food and wine festival. For more information, visit: For more information, visit

March – November

Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Market is held Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am until around 1.30pm. The Saturday market is held just across the street from the McCall House. For more information, visit


The 14th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival will be held in April. This is a five-day event featuring 80+ documentaries, feature and short films from around the world. For more information, visit

May - September

Enjoy many of Southern Oregon's amazing artistry during Ashland's Friday Night Art Walk. 


The Ashland Film Festival will be in town. This year the McCall House will be hosting two directors who’s movies will be showing here.

October - December

Come and enjoy our local holiday events, including ghost tours, holiday cuisine, and the beautiful lights of Christmas. 


Camelot Theater
When Ashland's Oregon Shakespeare Festival goes dark on Monday night, take advantage of the many other things to do in Ashland and the surrounding areas. Here are a few ideas:


Lithia Park  is a 93 acre park which includes a Japanese garden, two duck ponds, a rose garden, walking paths and picnic tables



  • Enjoy shopping at the locally-owned stores Ashland.  You can find anything from gourmet foods and wines to independently owned bookstores, clothing stores, home décor and antiques.

Galleries and Museums


Spend a relaxing afternoon at:


  • There are a host of wineries in the area.



The kitchen of the McCall House has been in operation since 1883, which is to say that many, many, many people have enjoyed wonderful meals prepared within it. We are proud to announce the publications of our new cookbook featuring savory breakfast and brunch recipes including delicious scones, muffins and cookies with gluten free and vegan options.

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